Almas Pistachio - Supplier & Exporter of Pistachio in Iran

Almas Pistachio is one of the most famous pioneers in producing and exporting pistachios in Iran. The company uses modern equipments and expert leaders and labors in its production processes.

The company produces the wide variety types and forms of Iranian pistachios such as Round, Long, Kernel, Closed etc. company's products are soled in domestic and international markets. You can see some pictures of products in Photo Gallery section.

The international standards in hygiene are the major consideration throughout the production process, and because of these attentions, company can produce qualified and also low cost in price Iranian pistachios and exports them all over the world even in the East Asian countries.

Few facts about Pistachio

  • Iran produces more pistachios than any other country in the world.
  • The biggest major farms of pistachio belonged to Iran. That's why Iranians are more interested in Pistachio, and during the last 100 years, Iran has been the biggest and most important of Pistachio grower and trader.